The Hypocrisy: Resist

It’s becoming more and more clear to what’s going on here.

This isn’t about Brett Kavanaugh, this isn’t about Truth & Justice, this isn’t about standing up for women… This is about Power.

This is about stopping Trump and the Republican Party. This ,simply put, is about Resistance about shifting power back to the Democrats. This is about a political hit job to gain leverage for the midterm elections.

It’s sad to watch so many people protest because the were told to do so. It’s sad to witness them go into motion like a bunch of wind up dolls yet again missing the mark. Why has no one vandalized Keith Ellison’s home? Why hasn’t he fled his house… I will tell you why. Because these women have been given their marching orders and they lack depth of thought or simply the capacity to see things for what they are blinded by emotion.

If they cared so much about women being victims to men they surely wouldn’t give Keith Ellison a pass right… They wouldn’t give Bill Clinton a pass right? I mean if we can go back 35 years or so then we should re-launch the investigation into Bill Clinton shouldn’t we? If you believe women so damn much then you would demand that wouldn’t you?

No you are pawns for the Democrats, you are the street muscle and nothing me. Follow your orders for your masters.

It’s about powerThe hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, The Resistance Movement and Protestors. Warning: Common Sense Applied #brettkavanaugh #keithellison #clinton #walkaway

Posted by Outlaw Morgan on Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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