Trump Understands The US Is At War With Radical Islam, Senior Advisor Declares

Gorka outlined the Trump administration’s view of the phrase “America First” as the “antithesis of the last eight years.” He said the Trump administration saw former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy as essentially an “apology tour,” continuing that, “we reject the idea that America is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”

He characterized radical Islamic terrorism as a “totalitarian threat” to the West on par with Nazism and Soviet Communism. He continued that the acceptance of this threat is essential to the future of the NATO alliance, indicating the Trump administration wants more of a NATO commitment to the fight against ISIS.

Trump “understands in his marrow” the necessity of a coordinated effort against terrorism, he declared.

Gorka has previously called for increased NATO cooperation in the fight against ISIS in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If [NATO wants to] maintain your relevancy … understand we have a mutual threat again,” Gorka said. He explained the mutual threat facing NATO is “not the red bear and the Warsaw pact, it’s … global Islamism.”

NATO committed a small contingent of forces to train Iraqi Security Forces in the fight against ISIS Feb. 6, after prodding from the Trump administration. Trump is scheduled to meet with other NATO leaders in May where he will likely raise the subject.

For more visit: Daily Caller


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