VIDEO: CNN’s *Fake* Tapper Is Pissed At WH for Blocking Them From Media Briefing

CNN is having a bad day. They were blocked from a question-and-answer ‘media gaggle’ that White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer held today and they are not handling it well. Jake Tapper came unhinged and called the White House un-American for blocking out various outlets. Barack Hussein Obama did this routinely but Jake Tapper was fine with it because it only affected conservative media. The tables have turned and watching the meltdown is sinfully delicious.

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  • Terry Mason

    To Jake Tapper: GTF over it !!! We are making America Great again without the Clinton News Network !!!

  • ⚜⚜ GCSaints12 ⚜⚜

    CNN has apologized more than any other Media for running stories without sources that weren’t true. Why would anyone believe your lying azz now? #MAGA

  • Steve

    Hey Jake & CNN, why wasn’t it “unAmerican” when Obama blocked FOX from his conferences?

  • Mark Zielinski

    What happened to the news and Media on being bias? Your not suppose to report things that only align with your political agenda. And yet over and over again that’s all the people hear.

  • Christina Dissler

    If you were actual journalists ,then I can see a problem. In your one tirade I four 4 disparaging remarks about our new president. I’m sure there’s are more. After awhile I zone out when people are boohooing over unfair treatment. Especially when they get what they deserve. If you want to be respected, relay the news without the biased commentary (you shouldn’t be paid to report your opinion cause no one cares what you think) and respect the man who holds the highest job in the land. You don’t have to agree with him or even like him. He is your President and deserves the respect customary to his position. Otherwise you will always be biased, slanted, opinionated news most Americans don’t want to hear.