VIDEO: Dion Bews ID’ed As Thug Who Punched Female Rebel Media Reporter

After Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was punched by a thug at the Women’s March in Alberta, a $1,000 bounty was put up to identify the assailant.

Internet sleuths discovered the assailant is reportedly Dion Bews of Edmonton.

Since being identified, Bews proceeded to shut down his guitar selling website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Rebel Media told Bews to “please turn yourself into the nearest police department, and prepare for a massive civil lawsuit.”

Credit: Information Liberation 

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  • Gary W. Searing

    He’s such a tough little _itch!

  • Doug Packer

    What a wuss! Men don’t hit women

    • versionthirteen

      Liberal men do, and they also cry. Liberal privilege is going to be expunged faster than you can say Folsom Prison Blues. MAGA

  • Don Skeeter Norton

    he is a typical LIBERAL thinks he did the right thing for they are so FCKING ignorant

  • Michael Knepp

    Gee, assault and battery is ok as long as it’s at a women’s event? WTF.

  • Brenda Williamson

    Dion Bews = dead man walking.

  • corey2444

    Laws don’t apply to these moral highground liberals..

  • Here is the contact page for this butt-pimple’s collective: let them know what you think of him!

  • RevoloutionStorm

    Hey Hoser, if he’s got piercings in his face he’s a Radical-Progressive!

  • Dan Story

    Someone got their ass kicked playing hockey…

  • Pat Warden

    I would say hang him by his balls but he doesn’t have any.

  • Fred Garvin

    Wait, I watched it twice. Who got punched ? The little monkey with the pierced b1tch lip ?

  • Maria

    The coward hid his feed, and closed his business page. Look at his face after he smacks the camera into her face. He looks at her like he wishes they were alone so he could beat her down. She is half his size. Big man. And look at the liberals trying to help him escape.

  • steven mendez

    If i was with that girl i would have smashed this guy right in his face.

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