Outlaw Morgan has Steve from on the show to talk about how he is pushing his non profit to raise money for the Wall. This organization has been vetted and they are legit. Steve has been on Fox News which wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t on the up and up.

The concept is simple, the goal is to have common everyday Americans come together to show that we can do what government won’t do and that’s to fund the wall.

If a million patriots donated 1 dollar each that would make a loud statement to congress and the money has to go to the contractors building the wall. Where many non profits pocket 30 percent America First is only taking 9 cents per dollar. They seem to have all their paperwork in order and the transparency is there as well.

If you would like to speak with Steve is he available and you can contact him through the site

Later in this show Josh Caplan comes on to fill us all in with the latest trending news and topics that are circulating in the news throughout media.

We break things down and as always keep it raw and deliver with real talk.

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