Video: Protestor Shot With Non-Lethal Ammo By Police

Good LMAO!

In this video you will see that the protestor is creating the situation that takes place. During the “Not My President” cry baby rally this non binary snowflake (because I don’t want to assume gender) walks up and begins pushing on the officers. Their response was to “BACK THAT ASS UP” which lead to this hippie falling to the ground.

Well, obviously that didn’t register in her liberal brain and she decides to get up and go for it one more time LMAO.

This time I guess the officers escalated their response and shot her / him / it with what appears to be paintball rounds I am guessing. Priceless…

Hey liberals – he is your president… not sure if you got the memo but Hillary lost and Trump won… so far he is still there.

If nothing else you dumbasses are giving him the ELECTION in 2020 – You are the reason your candidate lost. America in a whole is over your bullshit. We are tired of your cry bully tactics, and that’s why he won. Deal with it.

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  • tmom

    Good! I can’t be the only one asking where the fire hoses and rubber bullets are!

    • karen

      No, I’ve been asking the same thing! LOL

  • ButtercupKelley

    They shot her with some pepperball projectiles… just like paintballs, but filled with oleoresincapcicum powder. Pepper spray in the powdered form.

  • Bruce Landis

    yea shoot them all .dumb asses

  • Alfred Collard

    she showed em didn’t she,, dumbass lil bitch. liberally indoctrinated Morons all of em.


    Love it, just firggn Love it!

    Semper Fidelis