WATCH: Heinous Migrant Boots Woman Down A Flight Of Stairs

German police responded to the release of shocking video showing a migrant kick a blond woman down a flight of stairs by launching an investigation into who “illegally” leaked the footage.

From the German news site (as translated by Nash Montana for Vlad Tepes Blog):

Someone leaked this video to the media which shows the offender that kicked a woman down the stairs in the subway station. He will face consequences.

One day before the Berlin Police published the video for the purpose of searching for the offender, the recording appeared in the media. Someone apparently had passed the recording to BILD and BZ (Berliner Zeitung). Who did that is not clear. But what’s certain is: The video at the point of publication had not yet been officially released and whoever passed it on, was doing so illegally.

Why the police only now shows the video of the subway kicker

The Police in Berlin have now picked up the investigation. Criminal charges against unknown have been filed. It cannot be excluded that the video was passed on from someone from the police, a spokeswoman says. The State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA) is investigating against unknown persons for violation of the Data Privacy Act. There are no concrete suspects. After the publication of the video, the police had immediately gotten 6 tips.

The video was going to be published anyway according to the Berlin Police

The Berlin Police contradicts the general opinion where the official publication of the 20 second video was merely a reaction to it having been passed on to the media prematurely. Respective accusations were stated loud and clear at the Berlin Police’s Facebook site. A formal request for the publication of the video for the purpose of a public search for the offenders had “long since been requested by a judge”, the police has said. That the video was officially published on that day was because the judge’s decision had at that time been presented.

The attack happened on October 27th. The video was only leaked last week. Time is of the essence in such investigations, yet it’s already been over a month since the attack.

Who knows when, or if, the police would have ever released the video? It doesn’t seem like they even wanted to bother investigating. Seeing as how there are reportedly 500,000 unregistered migrants roaming Germany, the odds of finding these suspects is slim, especially without enlisting the help of the public.

Rather than face charges, this leaker should be given a medal.

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