WATCH: Paul Joseph Watson Drops Truth Bombs All Over The UC Berkeley Rioters

Paul Joseph Watson exposes the truth about the violent riot at UC Berkeley which the lying media is trying to downplay and cover-up.

“The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S.,” Paul writes. “Let that sink in.”

Paul nails it on the lying media’s cover-up, in this article from Reuters on the riot they fail to mention any of the violent attacks on Trump supporters and called the riot a “protest.”

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to cut funding to the University of California at Berkeley after protesters smashed windows and set fires at the liberal-leaning school, forcing the cancellation of an appearance by a far-right Breitbart News editor.

[…]Hours before Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos was to give a speech at Berkeley’s student union on Wednesday, hundreds of protesters clashed with police at the campus.

Demonstrators tossed metal barricades and rocks through the building’s windows and set a generator on fire near the entrance, footage from news outlets showed. Police ordered the crowds to disperse, and the school was put on lockdown.

“We shut down the event,” one protester told CNN. “It was great. Mission accomplished.”

Not one mention of the horrendous violence these terrorists carried out.

The media is the opposition party.

Credit: Information Liberation 

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  • Lee Wro

    Eventually these retards are going to get bold enough to go to the wrong neighborhood and there will be bloodshed. If they come down my street acting that way, I guarantee it.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      I’m to tired of their shit to fist fight ,too. I am going to apply my 2nd Amendment. I will be accepting donations by dead UN soldiers of 5.56 NATO rounds as well.

      • Lee Wro

        Yup. When I was 18 I stood up and swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The US Army didn’t put an expiration date on that oath and neither do I.

  • Dan Story

    Hitler’s fascism was also under the guise of liberalism… imagine that…

  • Greg Lammers

    I love that guy. His ability to lay it all out in a manner everyone can understand, backed up with facts, and spoken eloquently, is refreshing… as refreshing as you are, Outlaw….

  • Thomas Jesse

    Moonbats. LOL

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