WATCH: Paul Ryan Confirms Obama Spied On Trump Tower!

In a stunning interview with Bret Baier on Fox News, Speaker Paul Ryan confirms President Trump’s allegations that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

The accusation stems from a FISA Warrant the FBI was granted in October.

Baier and Ryan both conclude that Obama asked for the warrant.

Obama was originally turned down for the warrant months before, however, in October, just weeks before the election, the wiretap was approved.

The next question is this:

Who knew about this wiretap and when did they know?

Looking at YOU, Paul Ryan…..

When did you know?

Watch the video:

Brett Baier: There’s a report that June 2016 there’s a FISA request b the Obama administration from a communications court to monitor communications to monitor Donald Trump and several campaign officials. They get turned down. Then in October they renew it. And they do start a wiretap at Trump Tower with some computer and Russian banks and it doesn’t show up anything. Have you heard that?

Paul Ryan: Again as I said none of us in Congress or anybody I know in Congress has been presented with evidence to the contrary to what you just said.

Brett Baier: So you believe it to be true.

Speaker Ryan: We have seen no evidence that anyone in this campaign or no American was in on it with the Russians to meddle with your elections.

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