WATCH: Triggered Snowflake: ‘F- Trump, F- White People,’ 1st Amend. Protects Against ‘Bigotry & Hatred’

This is what anti-white racists actually believe.

Judge Janine interviewed an unhinged female college student a few days ago on the UC Berkeley free speech controversy. The woman is tells Janine that “right-wing people do not have the right to spew bigotry and hatred in this country” then goes on to scream “f*ck Trump” and “f*ck these white people.”

Hilariously, she claims the First Amendment doesn’t protect free speech but instead protects against “bigotry and hatred.”

I guess there’s some clause exempting white people.


Credit: Information Liberation 

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  • donnorton

    Take that dumb Nigers welfare away from he. She is a stupid btch

  • Lizz Peters-James

    They have no clue what the 1st Amendment is all about and these are college students. These kids need to go back to class and learn a few things instead of skipping class and protesting.

  • baitmando

    Good god libtards are a special kind of stupid.

  • American

    Oh how I wish the judge would have knocked her on her racist ass lol

  • White Pride Worldwide

    She’s just working on Trump’s 2020 election already.

  • ScottM

    This is a mentality that has spread globally. They are S I C K. With this mindset they are very dangerous to the rest of the community as they feel entitled – that its their “right” to just do whatever they want.

  • Lisa Lupold Slusser

    Yet you crybabies show nothing BUT bigotry and hatred!!!

  • Bob Sohm

    And this person who can’t comprehend what she reads is in college?

    • Bob Sohm

      Oh yeah that’s right they probably don’t teach about the constitution and the bill of rights in schools anymore.

  • Raymond Fink

    Brainwashed morons !
    Judge is right , if this is the produce of college , do go.

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