WATCH: Trump Supporter Fights Off Two Attackers At UC Berkeley Day After Riot

Video from UC Berkeley on Thursday shows a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat fight off two assailants after being punched in the face by two leftists who appear to be pot smoking, homeless vagrants.

“This just happened at UC Berkeley. Trump supporter attacked by two men on edge of campus. Student describes it as aftershock of last night,” reporter Jodi Hernandez said on Twitter.

The video shows the Trump supporter fight the two criminals off valiantly. After the fight is broken up, the assailants try to flee in their SUV only to be stopped by police and arrested.

Hopefully, our hero will press charges.


Secondary video:

Credit: Information Liberation

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  • Nick Williams

    where’s the first video?

  • Carl Maney

    And the cop did

    not do shit….What’s up with that????

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