That’s A Terrible Purchase!


During tax season, people are often using their returns to buy outrageous things. Normally, people will buy an older model of luxury car, which they usually end up taking a loss on. Other times, people price themselves out by buying a new car that is out of their normal budget. However, there is a woman who has gone viral from Facebook for buying a 1998 Ford Escort under a horrible deal. Not only is she paying over $200 a month for the car, she is paying on it for the next seven years.

Social media has highlighted that people spend too much time focusing on other people. Some people show off for the sake of impressing others. Meanwhile, other people show off for the sake of proving others wrong. In any case, there are people who spend their time making fun of people who are showing off. Those people often liken themselves to be smarter than the ones showing off. In all honesty, all of those kinds of people are misusing social media.

However, a situation like this with the Ford Escort does deserve a second look. Anybody in need of a serviceable car should look at what this woman did and do the exact opposite. This woman has purchased a car that can’t be worth much more than $1,500. While she is spending less than $300 a month for her car, the car is already twenty-five years old. This lady has gone viral, because of the promo post, where she is making $289 monthly payments for the next 84 months, which is seven years.


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